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Getting started for new users

If you’ve recently joined Landkind, this guide will help you get started. Before you dive in, make sure you’ve downloaded the mobile app (if you’re using it) and that you are able to sign in to your organisation. If you have access to multiple organisations, you can learn how to access and switch between them here.

Learn how to navigate to or search for a property

In Landkind, you can manage multiple elements of a property individually. To find a property:


  1. Hover on the house icon at the top of the side bar

  2. Click the arrow to show the search bar

  3. Enter the property name or address to surface search results

  4. Click on the title to navigate to the property

  5. Familiarise yourself with our Desktop Map Tools

  6. Repeat to switch between properties

You can also click on the property if you see it displayed either on the map or on the property list without needing to use the search function


When you first view a property you need to download the data to access it. If you have multiple properties it will be helpful to download these all together when you first get set up, view instructions for setup.

  1. Enter the property name in the search bar at the top of the screen

  2. Hit Search

  3. Select the Property

  4. Select Download Map

  5. Choose if you want to take the imagery offline

  6. Once the download is complete, you will be able to view the property using the Map Explorer Workflow

  7. Familiarise yourself with our Mobile Map Tools

  8. To switch between properties:

    1. Select the Hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right of the screen

    2. Hit Select Property

    3. Enter property name in search bar

    4. Select Search and repeat the steps to download the property

When you next go to that Property you be prompted to Check for updated data. This will prepare and generate a new property map with any updates

Learn how to Access a Workflow

In Landkind, specific tasks and actions are associated with a workflow. A workflow is highly customisable with information fields, graphs, actions and automations designed to fit your requirements. When you are first set up with Landkind, your organisation will have certain workflows enabled.


  1. Navigate to a property

  2. Select a workflow from those available in the Sidebar


  1. Navigate to a property (you need to download the data)

  2. Select from the available workflows

Learn how to navigate to a Property Group Summary

In Landkind, properties are grouped so that you can view data aggregation across multiple properties to get an instant snapshot of where you are at. Currently, most group workflows are only available on the browser, not the mobile app.


  1. Hover on the house icon at the top of the side bar

  2. Click the arrow to show the search bar

  3. Scroll down and select from the Available Property Groups

  4. Click on the workflow icon in the side bar to view summaries

  5. Repeat to switch between groups

Learn about the different Landkind Features and Workflows

Now that you’re set up in Landkind, you’re ready to get started and explore other features and workflows.

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