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Map Tools for Desktop and Mobile

Landkind has a number of great tools that help you explore your map. If you are just getting started with Landkind, ensure you have read our guide for new users.

Desktop Tools

The search bar allows you to navigate to a property. You can search either using the Name of the Property or its address.

If the Search by option is not available for your organisation and you would like it, then Contact Us.

  1. Hover on the house icon at the top of the side bar

  2. Click the arrow to show the search bar

  3. Enter the property name or address to surface the search results

  4. Click on the title to navigate to the property

  5. Repeat to switch between properties

You can also click on the property if you see it displayed either on the map or on the property list, without needing to use the search function.

Rotate Map

Right mouse click on the map and drag that map to rotate. A left click on the map allows you to move around the area. Click on the compass widget (top right of your screen) to reset to the original North orientation.


Use the “+” to zoom in and the “-” to zoom out (top right of your screen).

Compass Widget

Provides indication of North. Use this to reset if you have rotated the map (top right of your screen).

Layer Widget

Allows you to choose the layers you want to view on the map and change the underlying imagery (basemap).

Screenshot of Landkind illustrating the layer widget

Your organisation may have different sub-menus within the Layer Widget. These can include:

Custom imagery:

Screenshot of Landkind illustrating the ability to toggle custom imagery if available

Custom imagery displays any captured imagery that your organisation has for the selected property. This can include drone or aerial imagery.

Community layers:

Screenshot of Landkind illustrating the ability to toggle on community layers

Community layers include contextual layers that are not property specific. The layers listed are specific to your organisation and can be changed. If you would like layers added or removed, speak to your organisations administrator


Screenshot of Landkind illustrating the ability to change the map basemap

Basemaps are the underlying reference map on which your data is overlain. Depending on what basemaps your organisation has selected to have available, this can include imagery and reference maps. Changing the basemap can change the context in which your data is viewed and help you gain further insights.

Measure Widget

Measure Area, Distance or Location (i.e. latitude and longitude) on the map using this widget. For Area and Distance measurements, you can select which unit you’d like to use to calculate your measurements from the drop-down options (i.e. hectares, meters or kilometers).

Screenshot of Landkind illustrating the measurement widget

Mobile Tools

If you’re not already familiar with using the Mobile App, please see Getting started for new users. Once you’ve downloaded the relevant property data in the Mobile App, click into the Map Explorer workflow to view the Map associated with your selected property.

Layer Widget

Allows you to choose the layers you want to view on the map and the underlying imagery (basemap).

Screenshot of Landkind mobile app  illustrating the layer widget

Location Widget

Takes you to your location on the map if you have allowed the app to access your location.

When you first download the app, it will ask to use your location data with options ('Allow Once', ‘Allow While Using App’ or ‘Don’t Allow') to select according to your preference. Landkind mobile app uses your location when the app is in use only for the purpose of capturing your current position. If you’d like to know more about how we treat your personal information, you can view Landkind’s Privacy Policy on our website, see here.

Home Widget

Navigates you back to the centre of the property.

Export Widget (Printer Icon)

Creates an export of the map that you can share as required.

What’s Next?

Learn more about our Desktop and Mobile features.

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