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Printing (Create PDF Maps)

You can use Landkind Desktop to create (also referred to as print) a PDF of your property map. PDF maps can only be created/printed from within an individual property, learn how to navigate to a property.

Rather than creating a PDF, you may want to look at our Share Map Link. This creates a link to a digital copy of your property that can be viewed by anyone with the link, without having to log into Landkind. The key advantage over a PDF is that any changes made to your property will automatically update in the link elimination any version control issues or the need to re-send PDF maps.

Create/Print PDF

  1. Select the Printing workflow from the sidebar. You will see a range of selection options under ‘Print map’, which we refer to as ‘Print Settings'.

  2. Select your desired Print Settings to configure how your PDF map will look:

    1. Preview approximate print area (move and rotate the map until it fits the print preview area)

    2. Print as Draft (select yes, or no)

    3. Buffer around Property (specify buffer size)

    4. Basemap (choose from: World Imagery; Topographic; None)

    5. Template (choose from listed Templates)

    6. Features (select your features to print)

    7. Legend (select yes to display Legend, or no)

    8. Entranceway Map (select yes to include, or no)

    9. Buffer around Entranceway (specify buffer size)

    10. Icon Size (i.e. make icons smaller, regular or larger)

    11. Add Note

  3. Select Generate Map to create/print the PDF

  4. Once the file is created, click on the download link

Landkind will remember the Print Settings you have chosen for the next time you print a PDF for this property.

Map not looking right? Troubleshoot issues with Printing

If you’re having problems with your PDF map, read on to learn how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues:

Table of crops not fitting on page?

Under the ‘Template’ Print Setting (see above), select the relevant two page template which will print the crop table on a second page. Contact us if you do not have a two page template.

Icons Too Big or Too Small?

Use the ‘Icon size’ toggle in the print settings to choose the best fit of the icons to the property size

Crop/Block Description Labels Overlapping?

  • On the map itself click on the crop/block description label → a blue box will appear

  • Drag the blue box to a location that is not overlapping

  • Repeat for any other labels that need to be moved

This feature is only available for crop/block description labels (not property feature or hazard labels). Crop/block description labels will need to be moved each time a PDF is created as these Settings are not retained in Landkind.

Property Not Fitting Map Area?

Use the ‘Buffer around property’ Print Setting to decrease/increase the size of the property. The greater the buffer, the smaller the property will appear. You can also rotate the property to fit in the print area by right clicking on the map and moving the mouse to the desired orientation. To see whether the property fits in the print area, click the ‘Preview approximate print area’ Print Setting and you will see the printed area display in a shaded black box.

If that does not work, you can edit the property boundary area to reduce or increase its size.

Map Orientation Incorrect?

Rotate the property by right clicking on the map and turning to the desired orientation. You can ‘Reset map position’ or ‘Reset map rotation’ under Print Settings at any time before you Generate map for printing to PDF.

Entranceway Number Incorrect?

The number on the entranceway map is updated separately from the property address number. View instructions to update the entranceway number and view instructions to update the property address.

Property Name or Address Incorrect?

Use the Property Editor Workflow to edit the property name or address.

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