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What is a Crop/Block?

Blocks provide information of what crops are growing on the orchard, their size, structure, growing method, variety and other important information. As changes are made on the ground, maps needs to be updated with this new block information. Blocks can only be managed from within an individual property, learn how to navigate to a property here.


When you first navigate to a property you can see the boundary of the orchard visible in its spatial location.

When you navigate to the blocks/crops workflow, a detailed spatial view of the blocks on the orchard will display including a list of the blocks in the sidebar.

From here you can click in to view individual block attributes.

Use the Next Feature button to effortlessly move between blocks.

Crop/Block Attributes

These are the fields on a block that contain important information about the crop used by contractors visiting the property to carry out various tasks.

Examples of attributes include:

  • Crop Type

  • Variety

  • Total Area

  • Planted Date

  • Production Status

  • 1st Year Producing

  • Grow Method

  • Cover Status

  • Graft Date

  • Structure

  • Rootstock

Attributes can be shown/hidden and set to mandatory/optional depending on your specific organisation requirements. Contact us if you would like to request changes to your setup.

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