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What is a Count?

Digital Crop Counting is the process of completing counts at specific times throughout the crop development cycle to estimate harvest yield. The Counts workflow allows you to enter and manage these counts.

Counts can only be added from within an individual property. Learn how to navigate to a property here.


When you first navigate to a property, you can see the boundary of the property visible in its spatial location.

When you navigate to the Counts workflow, a detailed spatial view of the property Counts will be displayed, including a list in the sidebar.

From here, you can click in to view individual count attributes.

Types of Counts

Counts can either be entered against a monitoring bay or directly against a block. There are several count categories available depending on the time of season:

  • Bud Count

  • Flower Count

  • Pre-Thin Flower Count

  • Post-Thin Flower Count

  • Fruitlet Count

  • Fruit Count

Count Attributes

These are the fields on a count that contain important information used to identify counts and calculate densities.

Count attributes include:

  • Count category

  • Total Count (or wire count on mobile)

  • Season

  • Length

  • Width

  • Bay

  • Row

Attributes can be shown/hidden and set to mandatory/optional depending on your specific organisation requirements. Contact us if you would like to request changes to your setup.

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