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Add Monitoring Bay

Counts are used throughout the season to estimate potential crop volume. These counts can either be associated with a monitor bay or directly with a block. The monitor bays must first be added to associate a count with a monitor bay.

Monitor Bays can only be added from within an individual property. Learn how to navigate to a property here.

Add Monitor Bay

  1. Select the Monitoring Bays workflow from the sidebar

  2. Select Add new monitoring bay (button at the bottom of the sidebar)

  3. The blocks on the orchard will appear in purple for selection

  4. Select the block of the monitoring bay from the map

  5. Click Draw monitoring bay

  6. A bold black outline will display around the edge of the selected block

  7. Draw the monitoring bay within the selected block on the map by clicking each corner of the bay. Complete the shape by double clicking on the point of the first corner

  8. Use Reset sketch if you need to adjust the drawing

  9. Select Add details

  10. Enter the monitoring bay details, including length and width (this will be used to calculate the bay area)

  11. Click Save monitoring bay or Back to cancel

Counts can then be added to the bay using either the mobile app in the field or the desktop.

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