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Review Maturity Area for Approval (Individual Property)

Maturity Areas enter into different states depending on the point at which they are in the process. To be exported, Maturity Areas need to be in an approved state.


When first created, a user has the option of saving the Maturity Area as a draft to return to later in order to add additional details. Maturity Areas that are rolled over from the previous season are first created as a draft so that they can be updated with specific season information.

Awaiting Approval

Users may not have permission to create a Maturity Area outright, rather they submit the created Maturity Area for review and approval by a designated approver. Maturity Areas awaiting approval can either be reviewed and approved within an individual property or as part of a property group summary.


When a Maturity Area has been submitted and confirmed by a designated approver, it enters approved state. This enables the Maturity Area to be exported at individual property level or in bulk as part of property group.


If a submitted Maturity Area is not confirmed by a designated approver, it can be rejected and sent back to the user for updating.

Review Maturity Areas for Approval

  1. Navigate to the Property

  2. Select the Maturity Areas workflow from the sidebar

  3. Select the Maturity Area

  4. Choose to either

    1. Edit Maturity Area (three dots in top right corner)

    2. Approve Maturity Area (blue button at bottom)

    3. Reject Maturity Area (three dots in top right corner)

If you want an edited Maturity Area that was in a Draft or Awaiting Approval state to be Approved after edit, then you will need to update the state dropdown to Approved before you Save the changes.

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