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Recollect Maturity Area (Update MA Blocks)

If the blocks associated with a Maturity Area (MA) change, e.g. a block has changed its area after re-survey or one of the blocks in the Maturity Area has been cutover to a new variety, then the Maturity Area will need to be updated in Landkind to pull through the changes and latest block data.

Maturity Areas can only be managed from within an individual property, learn how to navigate to a property here.

Recollect Maturity Area

  1. Select the Maturity Areas workflow from the sidebar

  2. Select the Maturity Area

  3. Select the context menu (three dots in right hand corner)

  4. Select Recollect maturity area

  5. Confirm the blocks for the Maturity Area

    1. Landkind will prompt you if the blocks no longer meet Zespri’s business rules or if the combination of blocks now requires dispensation

  6. Click Update maturity area to confirm or Cancel recollect to delete changes

Blocks that are associated with another Maturity Area will not be available for recollect.

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