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Incursions Summary Export

Landkind gives organisations the ability to effortlessly manage their biosecurity incursion response through our Incursions Summary Export.

When a threat is discovered, you can enter the property address or name and surface the list of exposed properties in the surrounding area for visualisation and export.

Incursion summaries are only available to export via a Property Group, however, it is possible to view and access individual properties within a defined radius using our location search function.

View Incursions Property List

  1. Select the Property Group from the sidebar

  2. Select Incursions

  3. Select the property types to show on the map and include in the export

  4. Enter the search radius in Kilometers

  5. Enter the Property Address or Name (KPIN)

  6. Select the correct search result and the results will display

Export Incursions Property List

  1. Select Export search results (the CSV will be available in your downloads folder)

  2. Enter the file name

  3. Confirm the property types to be exported

  4. Click Export CSV

If you cannot see the Incursions Summary you do not have permission, please contact your administrator.

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