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Getting Started

If you’ve recently joined Landkind, this guide will help you navigate the software.

Selecting a property:

If you only have one property loaded in Landkind, you’ll be taken straight there. If you have more than one, head to the sidebar and select a property in the top left:

  1. Hover on the house icon at the top of the side bar

  2. Click the arrow to show the search bar

  3. Enter the property name to search or

  4. Click on the title to navigate to the property

User Interface Features

The video below shows how the functions located on the top right work

  • Zoom in and Out: You can change this by either clicking the + and - sign on the top right or by using your mouse’s scroll wheel)

  • North Compass: Changing rotation and returning to north: By holding the Right mouse button and moving your mouse you can change the rotation of the map. To change it back to having north at the top, simply Left Click the Compass symbol

  • Layers: In the Layers there will also be the Basemap with Esri World Imagery, Street Map and Grey. If you have imagery collected by us there were be another layer called GPSit Imagery which will contain the imagery from past and present flights. You can toggle them on and off using the Left Click.

  • Measure: You can use these tools to measure areas, distances and find the co-ordinates of points.

Access a Workflow

In Landkind, specific tasks and actions are performed using a workflow.

To select a workflow, open the sidebar and click on the workflow.

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