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What is Landkind?

Landkind is an interactive mapping platform developed by GPS-it that allows primary industry to unlock the value of their maps. Our high-quality product helps improve productivity, precision and profitability by allowing users to easily create, manage and interact with data.

Why Landkind?

Industry experts

We’ve been involved in the horticultural, agricultural and viticultural industries our whole lives and Landkind reflects the combined expertise of technology and industry knowledge of our entire team.

Long-term partnerships

At Landkind we don’t simply work for our clients, we partner with them, because our measure of success is how successful our clients become.

Bespoke solutions

We pride ourselves in providing a flexible system that can handle the complexities of your production process. From conception to production and every step in between, we develop to your needs.

The benefits of Landkind include:

  • Better data engagement that raises quality, consistency and expectations

  • Seamless data sharing between staff, growers and management

  • Easier data capture

  • Provides a platform for research, innovation and marketing developments

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