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Operations and Events

Operations and Events are the jobs to be done and the major events that occur on the property. These can be created as points, lines or polygon features. Operations and Events can be added as individual features, or created in bulk through the Operations and Events Summary workflow.

1. Select the Operations and Events Workflow

2. Click ‘Add New’

3. From the radio buttons, select either ‘Draw the shape of the event’ or ‘Event applies to whole block’

  • For ‘Draw the shape of the event’, select the type of feature from the list below, and draw the feature on the map.

  • For ‘Event applies to whole block’, select the block(s) that the event/operation applies to.

4. Click ‘Add details’ to save the features geometry

5. Populate the features details through the details pane

6. Click ‘Save event' to save the feature

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