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Best practice when using your Sunforest device

When taking readings

  1. Be sure to hold the fruit firmly against the rubber molding to prevent any external light entering the sensor

  2. Do not move the fruit during the measuring process

  3. Keep the sun in front of you while performing readings

  4. If there is strong sunlight present, use the rubber sunlight shield

  5. We recommend utilising the shoulder strap for comfort and ease of use

Connecting via Bluetooth

  1. Start with the app on the property screen and the gun turned off (1)

  2. Turn the Bluetooth on the phone on and then off.

  3. Turn the gun on and click the Sunforest workflow on the phone app.

  4. This should bring you to the searching screen (2). Wait here.

  5. After 1-15 seconds the phone should connect to the gun (3).

  6. Taking a reading will now register on the phone app.

App Screen-20240118-033340.jfif

1: App on property screen prior to selecting the workflow

App searching-20240118-034347.png

2. App searching for device after workflow is selected

App paired-20240118-034524.png

3. App after pairing with the device

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